Dry Shampoo - Blonde + Light Tones

Spinster Sisters

Dry Shampoo - Blonde + Light Tones

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Spinster Sisters is a Colorado-based women-run business. They are committed to creating safe and gentle skincare products that benefit their consumers, their employees, and the Earth.

Helping you skip out on overwashing, this dry shampoo naturally cleans hair by absorbing excess oil and sweat. Formulated with volumizing rice starch and deodorizing baking soda to help you take on the day with fresh hair. 100% biodegradable––packaged in a 3 oz. paperboard shaker tube printed with eco-friendly labels. Peace out aerosol cans!

HOW TO USE: Part hair in sections and shake powder directly onto hair & scalp and work through to the ends or shake directly onto a brush and comb through hair to the ends.