Sacred Geometry Etched Palo Santo Stick
Sacred Geometry Etched Palo Santo Stick

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Sacred Geometry Etched Palo Santo Stick

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Also known as holy wood this ritual many indigenous cultures for centuries of use. The sweet aroma is released for an instant uplift- cleansing the environment of negative energy or emotion.  

Primarily grown in Central and South America, Palo Santo should be used when setting intentions or calling in new energy before a yoga practice, prayer or meditation.

Each of these sticks is etched with sacred geometry- the origin of all form, a blueprint of creation in both the seen and unseen world. This ancient science discovers and explains energy patterns that create and organize our universe. It is believed that all-natural patterns in our environments can be linked back to one or more geometric codes.  Observing these codes opens higher consciousness and self-awareness.   

DESIGN DETAILS: Single stick- approximately 4.5".

Color and design may differ slightly as each piece is unique.