Genuine Sodalite Pillar | Polished
Genuine Sodalite Pillar | Polished

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Genuine Sodalite Pillar | Polished

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Beautiful blue Sodalite encourages you to shift your irrational thinking toward rational, soothing thoughts. It encourages objectivity, truth, and intuition by enhancing a perspective of clarity. Sodalite brings emotional balance and communication through its connection to the throat chakra. It soothes during harsh times and eases anxiety and or/stress symptoms. Working with this stone guides you back to your "truest self" — making it perfect for those times when you feel lost in life. It is a very therapeutic stone.

Promotes: Self-esteem + trust + communication of emotions


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Genuine Deep Royal Blue Sodalite

Large — 7"h x 2.25"w x 1.5"d

Small — 4"h x 1.3"w x 1"d