Cedar Smudge Bundle
Cedar Smudge Bundle
Cedar Smudge Bundle
Cedar Smudge Bundle
Cedar Smudge Bundle

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Cedar Smudge Bundle

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Gathered from the mountains, our smudges + herbs are known to purify places, objects, and people. Light our smudges or burn the herbs to purify any surroundings and simply enjoy the wonderful scent of aroma.


Place a bundle of smudge stick in cup/plate (non-flammable) or whatever you prefer to use. Set it on fire for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, blow the flame out to allow the smoke to billow up. If the herb is particularly dry, the flames will catch on quickly, so be prepared to blow it out just as quickly.

Light the bundle from the top end.

*ALWAYS have a small plate (non-flammable) under the smudge stick while burning
*Keep out of reach of children, pets + flammable material


Sizes- Medium 4" long - Large 6" long

  • The color of the cotton string may vary. Most are tied with white cotton twine.
  • Each Smudge Stick is unique in its own way. Color and shape may vary from what is pictured