Cherry Tanzberry Quartz | Polished
Cherry Tanzberry Quartz | Polished
Cherry Tanzberry Quartz | Polished

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Cherry Tanzberry Quartz | Polished

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Cherry ” Tanzberry ” is a type of Quartz with Lithium, Muscovite or Lepidolite inclusions — the inclusions cause it to literally glitter. It is actually a new crystal find, discovered in Tanzania. The stone projects root and sacral chakra energy. The sparks of inclusions amplify the stone's fire and earth energies. Tanzberry aids in increasing confidence, positive thinking, manifestation and channeling creative energy. This is the perfect stone for creators.

Promotes: Emotional healing + positive sexual expression + personal power.

*Note: Color and sizes vary as these are raw gems.  Color varies from deep rubies to soft pale pinks.  



Each piece is uniquely different and vary slightly in size and color.  

  • Small: 0.8-1.0oz, 1.5"
  • Medium: 1.0-1.5oz, 2"
  • Large: 1.5-2.3oz, 2.5"