Clear Quartz Point
Clear Quartz Point
Clear Quartz Point

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Clear Quartz Point

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Manifestation  Δ  Clarity  Δ  Programmability

Clear Quartz is the universal stone of the mineral world and spans centuries and cultures alike, bringing profound clarity, acceptance, and amplification of one's intention.

Whether you are manifesting, making decisions, or simply clearing out your mental inbox, a Clear Quartz crystal is essential in your daily practice, intention ritual, or meditation.

A magnificent stone as it can be cleansed and programmed to work for any intention or work you are amidst.

COLOR: Crystal clear, transparent, slight rainbow prisms.

CONTENTS: High-grade clear Quartz cluster.


Medium: 4.5" H x 1.5" W x 1.5" D

Large: 5.5" H x 1.5" W x 1.5" D

Extra Large: 4.5" H x 2.25" W x 2.25"D