Crackle Clear Quartz Point
Crackle Clear Quartz Point
Crackle Clear Quartz Point

Talking to Angels

Crackle Clear Quartz Point

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Manifestation  Δ  Activation  Δ  Vibrancy 

Crackle Clear Quartz is recommended for those who have decided goals and dreams to activate them into motion. The crackled appearance is created by sudden temperature exposure causing fissures in the Clear Quartz also known as Fire + Ice Quartz.

This type of Quartz retains all the qualities of Clear Quartz as the universal stone of the mineral world, bringing profound clarity, acceptance, and amplification of one's intention. 

Raise and amplify the vibrancy of the mind and any other crystals that come in contact with Crackle Quartz.  

Whether you are manifesting, making decisions, or simply clearing out your mental inbox, this crystal is essential in your daily practice, intention ritual, or meditation.  

COLOR: Crystal clear with crackled appearance. 

CONTENTS: High-grade clear Quartz pillar.


Small: 2.5" H x .75" W

Medium: 2.75" H x 1.5" H

Large: 3"H x 1.5" H