Golden Healer Quartz
Golden Healer Quartz
Golden Healer Quartz
Golden Healer Quartz

Talking to Angels

Golden Healer Quartz

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Willpower  Δ  Grounding  Δ  Resolution

Golden Healer Quartz brings strength and willpower to show up in a calm open state of mind when challenges present themselves, specifically when the dynamic is in a relationship.  Healers offer guidance to bring in a renewed perspective and healthy resolution and it calls on you to be the healer.    

With the clear mental state that this crystal provides, you will be able to partake in open communication and make rational decisions.

A true Golden Healer can be identified by its 'code' that occurs within the layers of the crystalline structure and are often visible by sight and touch on the sides of the stone.  These coded layers are said to contain the ancient wisdom this stone brings to the bearer.

CONTENTS: Raw Golden Healer Quartz. 


Extra Small: 3" H x 2" W

Small: 4.75" H x 1.75" W

Medium: 4" H x 2.25" W

Large: 5" H x 2.5" W

Extra Large: 5.75" H x 3" W