Green Mountain Jade Half Moon Earrings
Green Mountain Jade Half Moon Earrings

Lisa Jay Jewelry

Green Mountain Jade Half Moon Earrings

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We love to infuse nature into our everyday lives with deeply inspired, hand-crafted artisan jewelry with a modern-bohemian edge.

Lisa Jay's signature half-moon earrings with green mountain jade, leather + hand-hammered sterling silver are steeped in spiritual intention and hand-selection. 

Her inspiration takes place when she fully surrenders to the moment. This piece contains genuine green mountain jade specifically chosen to bring harmony and abundance to one's life. 

Lisa Jay meditates as she creates every single piece and sends the wearers of her jewelry a prayer for graceful transitions and big heart awakenings. 

PRODUCT DETAILS: 3.5" L x 1" W. Hypoallergenic Sterling Silver hooks.

CONTENTS: Genuine green mountain jade, leather, and sterling silver.