Hand Dyed Yoga Mat Sling
Hand Dyed Yoga Mat Sling

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Hand Dyed Yoga Mat Sling

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The soothing blues of this Hand Dyed Yoga Mat Sling is a seamless way to carry your mat to and fro on your next adventure.

Fully adjustable to fit any size mat and can also be utilized as a strap during your practice or for a much-needed stretch.  

Each sling is hand-dyed and one of a kind.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Adjustable to fit any size mat. Sliding loop at each end. Hand-dyed blues. (Please note that due to the nature of the hand-dyeing process each piece will be unique. Your item will look similar to the one in this photo.

CONTENTS: One yoga mat sling.

DIMENSIONS: Measures 70" end to end.