White Hemimorphite Cluster
White Hemimorphite Cluster


White Hemimorphite Cluster

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Activation  Δ  Clearing  Δ  Intuitive Vision

Hemimorphite is among one of the ultimate healing stones – a gem of light activation.  It’s breathtaking and gorgeous cluster sparkles with white, crystalline spears erupting outward, like lightning frozen mid-strike!

The magic of this striking gem helps manifest the energy of overall well-being and light activation to help clear blockages in your subtle body and supports the integration of higher frequencies. White Hemimorphite also enhances your intuitive vision and enables you to index and organize information.

Hold these crystals in meditation whenever you seek deeper integration of light, higher frequencies, and the guidance of upper realm beings. You can also place them in your space to radiate beautiful, pure healing light.


CONTENTS: Raw White + Peach Hemimorphite Cluster


Small: 2" H x 1.75" W

Medium: 2.5" H x 1.75" W