High Purpose Mala
High Purpose Mala

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High Purpose Mala

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Affirmation: I accept all of life's challenges with courage and determination.

Meta Malas is our in-house brand of prayer beads. Each of our Meta Malas is one-of-a-kind, to be as unique as you are. They are hand-tied and knotted with a specific affirmation (108 times) to ripple goodness into your life. From the design to the final creation, we craft our malas with deep intention. How do you know if this mala is for you? Take a peek at what each stone promotes, and whether the affirmation rings true for you. Each mala awaits its rightful partner — when you find it, you'll know

Δ Botswana Agate: Healing stone that tones and strengthens the link between mind and body.

Δ White Turquoise: An amulet of protection and good luck to shield from negativity. 

Δ Onyx: Stone of inner strength and focused attention to direct your will towards truth.

Δ Mantra- This mala was tied with the mantra "I have always been more than enough".