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Ardent Love

Knitted Studs

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Ardent means to show intense feelings. All of Clare’s life she felt her emotions were “too much.”  She felt she had a different kind of love, an “ardent-kind-of-love.” 

As a new mom living in Denver, she now knows that this love is one-of-a-kind and reflects in each of her pieces. She created this brand to open the dialogue on mental health for anyone, especially womxn, who hasn't felt the invitation to do so. 

When you wear a piece, she wants them to remember they are never alone. That someone loves their unparalleled love. 

Ardent Love’s signature September Dangles are handmade, lightweight, polymer clay earrings that are the perfect match for a cozy fall evening. Every pair is unique and will slightly vary compared to the listing photos.

Polymer clay is very durable but not impossible to break. Feel free to clean the earrings with soap and water if necessary and store them in a safe space when traveling with them.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 2.0" L x .25" W.