Linen Eye Pillow | Lavender
Linen Eye Pillow | Lavender


Linen Eye Pillow | Lavender

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The Linen Eye Pillow lulls you into a deeper rest. It is the epitome of relaxation. We love to use this eye pillow in Restorative Yoga and meditation practices. An eye pillow is a modern human's best friend — slide over your eyes when your eyes are exhausted from screen time.

To take all these benefits to the next level, you can heat the eye pillow and enjoy its lavender fragrance. Total mind + body relaxation.

The linen that this eye pillow is made from is a natural fibre made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is a highly durable, hypo-allergenic and breathable fabric that gets softer with use and washing.

Heating Instructions: Remove the cover before heating the eye pillow. Lay flat in microwave and heat for 30-40 seconds. Test the temperature on the inside of your arm before use.

Tip: To re-invigorate the sensational lavender scent, scrunch pillow in your hands.