Moon Phase Etched Palo Santo Stick
Moon Phase Etched Palo Santo Stick

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Moon Phase Etched Palo Santo Stick

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Calm and purify your space with Palo Santo also known as holy wood for many indigenous cultures across the globe. The sweet aroma is released for an instant uplift and cleansing the environment of negative energy or emotion.  

Grown in Central and South America, Palo Santo should be used when setting intentions or calling in new energy before a yoga practice, prayer, or meditation.

Each of these sticks is etched with the phases of the moon to enrich your full and new moon rituals or in embracing the rhythms of nature that govern us. Open up to abundance and witness your intentions blossom into reality.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Single stick- approximately 4.5". Color and design may differ slightly as each piece is unique.