Picasso Jasper Half Moon Earrings
Picasso Jasper Half Moon Earrings

Lisa Jay Jewelry

Picasso Jasper Half Moon Earrings

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We love to infuse nature into our everyday lives with deeply inspired, hand-crafted artisan jewelry with a modern-bohemian edge.

Lisa Jay's signature half-moon earrings with Picasso jasper, black leather + hand-hammered gold-fill wire are steeped in spiritual intention and hand-selection. 

Her inspiration takes place when she fully surrenders to the moment. This piece contains genuine green mountain jade specifically chosen to loyalty + trust in one's life. 

Lisa Jay meditates as she creates every single piece and sends the wearers of her jewelry a prayer for graceful transitions and big heart awakenings. 

PRODUCT DETAILS: 3.0-3.25" L x 1" W. Hypoallergenic Gold fill hooks.

CONTENTS: Genuine Picasso jasper, black leather, gold-filled.