Spirit Quartz | Cluster
Spirit Quartz | Cluster
Spirit Quartz | Cluster
Spirit Quartz | Cluster

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Spirit Quartz | Cluster

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Spirit Quartz inspires cleansing of the subtle body, including your aura, chakras, and meridians (energy lines). While doing so, it provides a protective shield, transmuting negative energy. This crystal is all about serving the higher good through connection with Higher Self. It is friendly toward the evolution of consciousness. Whatever is not aligned with this higher vibration will be cast out.

Promotes: Harmonization + consciousness + cooperation

 Sizes: each piece is uniquely different and varies slightly in color and size as Mother Nature intended.

  • No. 250 approx 2.5"sq to 3.5" sq (these have a flat bottom and are slab in nature)
  • No. 252 approx 3" tall (more vertical orientation with crystals on all sides)
Refer to images for the difference in styles.